Grades 5-8 | Boys


All Uniform pricing includes embroidered Canterbury School logo as required by Dress Code.
Middle School Uniform Options (Grades 5-8)
EVERYDAY ATTIRE: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
• CSF-logo solid-color polo shirts (white, maize, cobalt, light blue,
navy blue or pink), solid-color rugby shirts, white or blue oxford
• khaki long, short or cargo pants (for boys)
• khaki long or cropped pants, skirt/skort options (for girls)
• sweaters with the school logo or Canterbury sweatshirts
• athletic/tennis shoes, loafers, boots, casual shoes, sandals
• polar fleece jacket or vest with school logo
CHAPEL ATTIRE: Wednesday (Grades 5-7)
• white or blue oxford shirts with khaki bottoms
• loafers or dress shoes
• Grade 8 students may choose to wear upper school
Chapel attire
• Everyday Attire (see above)
• Canterbury t-shirts
• khaki bottoms or jeans
• plaid Bermuda-length walking shorts